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    Sony NV Series: PCG-NV100P, PCG-NV100 (PCG-9D1R), PCG-NV170 (PCG-9D6L), PCG-NV170P, PCG-NV190 (PCG-9D1L), PCGNV190P, PCG-NV200, PCG-NV290 Sony Z505 Series: PCG-Z505JEK, PCG-Z505JSK, PCG-Z505HE, PCG-Z505HS, PCG-Z505HSK, PCG-Z505JE (PCG-5211), PCG-Z505JS (PCG-5201), PCG-Z505LE, PCG-Z505LEK, PCG-Z505LS (PCG-531A), PCG-Z505LSK, PCG-Z505R, PCG-Z505RX, PCG-Z505S, PCG-Z505SX V505 Series: PCG-6415S / PCG-9U1M PCG-V505DX (PCG-691L), PCG-V505DXP, PCG-V505DC2P (PCG-681L), PCG-V505DH, PCG-V505EC (PCG-6B1L), PCG-V505ECP (PCG-6B2L), PCG-V505EX (PCG-6B1L), PCG-V505EXP (PCG-6B1L), PCG-V505DC1, PCG-V505DC1P, PCG-V505DC2K (PCG-681L) SRX Series: PCG-SRX77, PCG-SRX77P, PCG-SRX87, PCG-SRX87P, PCG-SRX99, PCG-SRX99K, PCG-SRX99P VGN Series: VGN-S150, VGN-S150F, VGN-S150FP, VGN-S150P, VGN-S170, VGN-S170B, VGN-S170F, VGN-S170P, VGN-S240P, VGN-S250F, VGN-S250FP, VGN-S260, VGN-S260P, VGN-S270, VGN-S270B, VGN-S270F, VGN-S270P, VGN-S360, VGN-S360P, VGN-F550F, VGN-FS115Z, VGN-FS500, VGN-FS500B, VGN-FS500P, VGN-FS520B, VGN-FS530B, VGNFS540P, VGN-FS550, VGN-FS550P, VGN-FS570, VGN-FS635B, Vgn-fs640, VGN-FS660, VGN-FS660P, VGN-FS675P, VGN-FS680, VGN-FS710, VGN-FS715, VGN-FS720, VGN-FS740, VGN-FS740Q, VGN-FS742, VGN-FS745P, VGNFS760, VGN-FS760Q, VGN-FS770, VGN-FS775P, VGN-FS780, VGN-FS790, VGN-FS790B, VGN-FS790BH, VGNFS790P, VGN-FS800, VGN-FS810, VGN-FS830, VGN-FS840, VGN-FS850, VGN-FS875 CR Series: PCG-CR1A (PCG-481L) * Please note this part does not come with a cable, you need to reuse the old cable.


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